Invitation Letter to

Invitation Letter to

. The event title is “Press Conference and Launching New Yamaha Products”. Beside Aerox 125, theres another motorcycle variant that maybe will be launch in 2016. Like Fino 125 and Xabre 150, will both comes on the event next Saturday ?

Yamaha Aerox 125 has three option varian colours white, black and blue in Europe. The blue and white colour has little difference in cosmetic terms, the black is more sporty in my opinion.



Yamaha R-series styled lightweight 2-stroke

Aerox sharp-handling sharp-handling sports chassis, dynamic R-series styling and super-responsive liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine, teenager in Indonesia always craving with scooter.


Radical supersport style

The tail lights look sporty from behind, with lightweight cowl through to the upswept tail give Aerox style more sportier like Yamaha supersport bikes.


2016 Yamaha Aerox

Lightweight wheels

Aerox is equipped with 13inch lightweight cast-alloy wheels. For better grip on the street you can use 140/60-13 rear tyre and a 130/60-13 front tyre.


Full digital speedo

It comes fully-equipped with a whole load of high-tech features including a LCD instrument panel and dynamic headlights.


Large storage

It will fit a full-face helmet, with the 7-litre fuel tank.



Spyshoot Yamaha Aerox in Indonesia

Spyshoot Yamaha Aerox in Indonesia

From the spy shoot that leak above, we already know that Aerox will have new livery, colours and slightly different body from above pictures while on transport truck. With launching day is near we will see what bike will revealed in the next three days. More info and pics at launching events, stay tuned.